Sheryl Gurr

I am 56 years old and love life ! and am engaged to a wonderful man and we have been together for 9 years. I have 1 son who lives in Houston, Texas with his lovely wife and my 2 beautiful grandchildren. I have 1 sister who is sadly disabled. She has Motor Neuron Disease and is paralysed from the neck down. She has had this debilitating illness since 1998. I care very deeply for her and continue to walk this hard, painful journey with her. I would love to one day open up a strung of Care Homes called Mandy in honour of her. Watching your disabled sister struggle every day has been heartbreaking, but through this I have learnt the art of caring, giving and kindness. To be able to help and be there for those less fortunate than you is a heartwarming experience and exceptionally rewarding. My passion is travelling – I absolutely LOVE IT ! My sport is Golf and because I have such an adventurous, extrovert personality I also love a lot of other things like Boating, Fishing, Cooking, Drinking wine and socialising. The list is so long because I am always willing to try new things and experience new places. I am an extrovert in personality and love bringing out the best in people. My profession at the moment is a Key accounts Manager for a Surgical Equipment company. I have been with them for 14 years. I have vast experience in Sales and Customer service and represent my company by calling on all Hospitals – Private and Provincial – throughout the entire Eastern Cape. I work with doctor’s in theatre and am skilled in the sale of Medical Equipment for Trauma, Gynie, Urology, General Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Gastro-Enterology, Ultrasound etc. Prior to being a Surgical Rep I was a Medical Rep for 20 years calling on General Practioners, Pharmacists and Physicians selling Pharmaceutical Drugs. I also have experience in the setting up of Vaccine Clinics and GIT Units. My passion is service and looking after my customers. I love to make a difference in everything that I do and work hard. I love to make people smile ! I am a great organiser and get things done. I am very loyal in business and in my private life and am committed to whatever I sign up for. You will always be able to rely on me. I would say that I am a Spiritual person. I have a genuine passion for seeking out the truth of all things. and placing myself on a sacred path of self discovery. I learn every day and try to live my life with a curious, grateful heart. I believe we can all be kind if we want to be and we can all make a difference in someone’s life if we want to. I want to make a difference in the world ! I know I can.

I live in South Africa along the coast and am fortunate to have the sea and inland- Safari's right on my doorstep.
I love life and believe that I am at my absolute best when I know that I have made a difference in my own life as well as in someone else's.
I love a challenge and am committed to hard work in everything that I do. I am a loyal friend and an extrovert in personality.

I absolutely LOVE to travel and experience what this beautiful world has to offer and I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and love to learn from them.

My sport is golf and because I am such an adventurous soul I also enjoy cycling -from time to time, fishing, boating, gym and I love cooking. I also belong to a wine club and love to entertain my friends with warmth, fun and laughter.

I can proudly say that I have had a very successful career in Management in Sales and Customer Service. I currently work for a Surgical Medical Equipment company who I have been with for 16 years and have vast experience in the selling of all Capital Equipment to Hospitals and Doctor's.
Prior to this I was a Senior Medical Representative for 20 years.

I've had my up's and down's in life like so many others – But I ALWAYs bounce back. I believe that hard work always pays off .
I am determined to create the best life for myself by living a life that is in line with my values. With my positive attitude and a principled lifestyle I know that I can make a difference in the world.

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